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After a wonderful love story between the father, my father named Bobby, and the mother named Michaela, they decided to marry and start a family. Having children and her husband was determined to have more children in order for the family to grow

After that long suffering and the journey to search for a solution or treatment for that problem, and suddenly while the mother was conducting laboratory analyzes in a clinic, the doctor told her that she was pregnant. The wife and husband were so happy about this news and they kept waiting for their new baby with passion.

In the seventh month of pregnancy, and on an unusual basis, Michaela felt the pain of labor, so her husband transferred her to the maternity hospital, but after the nurse told him that his wife gave birth to 7 children at once, signs of anxiety appeared on the husband

About a month after the birth, the father abandoned his wife and children under the pretext that he could not provide the necessities of life and care for all of these children. He left the wife lost with her children and evaded his responsibility and went on to complete his life in the evening and fun because he used to drink a lot and loved the nights

The press intervenes dentistry for children calgary

Michaela’s story reached the American press, which is always looking for such topics. Her case was covered by the largest American newspapers and television channels, so her case became the talk of the day and became a public opinion issue.

The authorities intervene dentistry for children calgary

At that time, former US President Bill Clinton issued an order to the authorities of his country to take care of this woman and her family and provide them with a special salary. The American authorities also paid for the treatment and study expenses of the children, and even the university’s expenses were at the expense of the state.

A public opinion issue like this one in America will not pass like this, as the largest companies in the country have intervened and offered support to the mother and helped her in raising her children

How do they become after 20 years dentistry for children calgary

after a period of time, Michael became a senior officer in the US Army, and he took over the affairs of the family and assumed the responsibility of the mother who was tired for him, and likewise the responsibility of his brothers, as he compensated them with the status of the father who gave them

As for Carolyn, she joined a large orchestra and became a celebrity in her country. All the brothers graduated with university degrees, and some of them joined important positions.
Michaela says that I am happy to be able to raise such a large number of children of the same age, but she considers this a personal achievement for her despite all what the husband did with her when he abandoned her, but he returned after many years to meet his children, and Michaela says that she forgave him despite everything.